Our history

A European retail success story

How we began

KRM began in 2010 as a consultancy supporting ECCO with their retail stores in the UK and Germany.

Based on our track record of success and market knowledge, ECCO then asked us to take over operation of their retail stores across 11 European markets.

The process of transferring control and ownership took place throughout 2012 and into early 2013. At this point we also assumed control of ECCO’s Finnish retail stores. In 2014 we took over the stores in Croatia, Slovenia and Romania. Finally, in 2015 we have taken over the stores in the Baltics.

It’s been an incredible success story. In only five years we have grown from just four employees to around 1700 and we’re still expanding.

With new stores opening across Europe and the acquisition of more markets from ECCO, our journey has just begun.